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Stockbridge,Georgia limousine 2019

The City of Stockbridge is located in the northern part of Henry County, Georgia which was founded May 15, 1821. The county has an area of approximately 331 square miles located in the Piedmont Section of northern Georgia and is surrounded by the counties of Butts, Clayton, Dekalb, Newton, Rockdale and Spalding Counties.

Old Stockbridge was a settlement that existed for over half a century. There was a settlement as early as 1829 when Old Stockbridge Concord Methodist Church was organized.

The original Old Stockbridge was a crossroads community when it applied for a post office sometime prior to the Civil War. A post office called for a name, so the citizens decided to name their post office and village for a Professor Stockbridge, a Yankee school teacher. According to tales, if Professor Stockbridge was not the first school teacher in this section of the country, he was the most outstanding of the pioneer teachers.

Stockbridge was granted it's first post office on April 5, 1847 located on Old Stagecoach Road. Mr. Edward Taliaferro was appointed postmaster with an annual compensation of $2.42.


Levi Stockbridge was born on March 13, 1820, and fits the time frame just prior to the Civil War. Levi would have been 27 years of age when Stockbridge was assigned a post office in 1847.

Until May 6, 1992, there had never been a name other than Professor Stockbridge. At that time, Levi Stockbridge was mentioned as the possible person for whom the City received it's name.

We cannot say for sure that Levi Stockbridge was the individual for which the citizens of the community named their post office and village. Through the efforts of John Stockbridge's letters and many conversations with him, we believe we have found the rightful Professor Stockbridge who has eluded us for 146 years.

The coming of the Southern Railroad in the year 1881 was an epoch and made great changes. The railroad was built from Macon to Atlanta. The settlers who owned the land about Old Stockbridge advanced the price of their land to such a degree the railroad would not buy the land to locate a depot.

Two prominent Atlanta Citizens, John W. Grant and George W. Adair bought a tract of land about a mile south of Old Stockbridge and offered lots at a reasonable price. This offer was readily accepted by many. On this tract of land a depot was built and the present Stockbridge began its existence in 1882.

The old railroad depot was destroyed by the Southern Railroad in the late 1970's or early 1980's. The railroad depot was located about 600 feet north of Highway 42 and US 23 as you cross the bridge in Stockbridge.

Stockbridge was incorporated as a town in 1895 and as a city August 6, 1920.

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